Pittsburgh Leather Pride

Mr. & Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish

Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC is the official corporate holding company for the following entities: 


Mr. & Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish & Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Bear 

Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE Weekend

Barons of Steel ( BOS )

The Great Drag Bake Off

     The mission of Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC is to enhance the leather/fetish/kink/club communities, provide educational opportunities, support the various communities in a collaborative and inclusive manner, and engage in philanthropy that impacts the communities we serve. 


     As with any organization, we will adapt, grow, and change where we feel appropriate, supported and challenged. PLP LLC is an equal opportunity organization and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, familial status, physical handicap, and sexual expression. We support and encourage full participation from the LGBTQIA+ communities.


     On behalf of the board of PLP LLC, we want to encourage you to feel welcome at our events and should you have any suggestions or comments about the organization, please feel free to send them directly to contact@pghlpw.com.


     In Leather,


David A. Dean

CEO & Executive Producer

Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC


 Brett James


Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC


Kendall Fairley

COO / Associate Producer 

Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC

PLP Holdings LLC, Barons of Steel and contests that represent the

very best of the City of Champions hopes the community will

embrace and enhance the leather-fetish experience. 

Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2020

Congratulations to Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2020

Winner: David Spivey 
1st Runner-up: Casey  W.
2nd Runner-up: James Dixon

A special thank you to P TOWN BAR, Emerson Aniceto, Todd White, Mary Elizabeth Boyd, Gérard Turner, Destiny B. Childs, Jim De Long, Wilma Paes, Nachum Golan, Dee MAL, William Raven, Steve Tingle, Matthew MAL, Isaac Manning, Kierra Darshell and all those who attended the contest. 

Join us next year for another amazing event. September 16th - 19th

"This was an especially talented group of men, any one of whom would have represented our city well."

David Dean CEO & Managing Partner, Pittsburgh Leather Pride, LLC 


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