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Pittsburgh Leather Pride


David Dean


     Picture it, Pittsburgh 2010... a city without an MAL winner...... After wrapping up an amazing run with Mr. Pittsburgh Eagle Leather contests, co-producers of PLP Mike Natale and David Dean with Todd White from the Centaur MC wanted to create a contest that embraced leather and fetish. At the time the Mid-Atlantic region had no blueprint for such a concept. Additionally, for years at the Mid-Atlantic Leather contest, Pittsburgh rather consistently was always the “bridesmaid” never the bride, so to speak. What grew from one titleholders sacrifice and the discussions during 2010-2011 became what we now know as Mr./Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish contests. 


     For years Pittsburgh would sash a new titleholder in November, make the titleholder complete his year, and then compete the following year at Mid-Atlantic Leather. “ All the excitement going into MAL was with the new Mr Pittsburgh winner and not the old. “ comments David Dean, Executive Producer of Mr/Ms Pittsburgh Leather-Fetish contest. In 2010, Ed McDonough decided not to compete at MAL thereby giving the 2011 winner ( Dee ) the chance to compete at MAL as the current Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish. 


     That first year saw six male competitors and three female. The inaugural contest saw DEE the first African American male to win Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish and Jesse Strucaly- the first Trans Women win Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish. That year ( 2011 ) DEE bested a competitive field of eight men to secure the very first Mid-Atlantic Leather title for the City of Pittsburgh. No one will forget DEE’s memorable on-stage answer about an office supply fantasy with a judge that ended with the ubiquitous SAFETY BUTTON from Office Max. 


     That win would be the first of a total of six Mid-Atlantic Leather titleholders. Pittsburgh would go on to set two records in the Mid-Atlantic - the first feeder ever to win four ( 4 ) back-to-back

( 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, respectively ) titles. Then in 2019 Pittsburgh won its 6th Mid-Atlantic title with a win by Emerson Aniceto which gave Pittsburgh the honor and record with the most wins by a feeder at Mid-Atlantic Leather and of any regional contest in the United States. 


     In 2012, another first honor came via the 2012 Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish Winner DOC. She bested a very competitive field of four contestants to win Pittsburgh’s very first ABW - American Leather-Women title in Chicago. DOC is currently the most decorated female titleholder from Pittsburgh. Another noteworthy female titleholder was 2013 Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish, Minion. Her memorable “ Pony” play scene and her Spirit Award let everyone know what a force she would be in the leather community. 


     In 2012 the Board of Directors decided to create a limited liability corporation called PLP LLC under which both a leather pride weekend and contest would be produced. Pittsburgh Leather Pride LLC would be directed and produced by its Executive Producer and Managing Partner, David Dean. A position he has held since 2011. Under his direction the contest became the first feeder in the Mid-Atlantic to provide complete financial support for its male winner to Mid-Atlantic Leather “ I don’t think it’s right for a contest to require its titleholder to self-fund required events and responsibilities “ said Dean. “ If you can’t afford to give your titleholder the financial support he/she needs you don’t have a contest - period” comments Dean. 

     “We provide a fully paid Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend package for the winner, a custom fitted formal uniform, two pair of competition boots, two custom vests, a custom jock and accoutrements, a sash/medallion/winner patch, a $600.00 professional photography session, business cards and professionally crafted bio, hair-beard-skin consults and a series of 3-6 individual interview coach sessions and wardrobe management.” says Dean. 


     A first for any contest has been the creation of the “Wardrobe Library.” This extensive collection of boots, vest, formal uniforms, kink-fetish wear, jackets and other accoutrements provide first-time leather-fetish competitors with first-class outfits for competition for Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish contest. “ We ( PLP LLC ) take the position that first-time competitors don’t have the financial resources to compete. We can’t expect a first-time contestant to fork out 2k or more for an outfit they may only wear once...” says Dean. 


     Over the years both sets of titleholders and contestants have donated items for the library thereby reducing the cost of competition and increasing the field of contestants. The average contestant field for Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish is eight (8). “ I will never hold a contest with less than two competing. And one competitor is not a contest - it’s embarrassing. “ comments Dean. 

     Proof is in the facts. Over the last nine years, PLP has had more contestants than the total of many area contests. PLP attributes that success to early recruitment and year-long involvement by previous contestants in many events held by PLP LLC.

     In 2019, PLP LLC went thru a complete reorganization. The creation of BOS - Barons of Steel ( derived from Pittsburgh’s earliest leather club - The Steel Barons ) a private mens social leather club and a more robust Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE Weekend saw the creation of an umbrella holding company called PLP Holdings LLC. New officers were installed and more opportunity for community outreach and event engagement became the mission of the new organization. “ We’ve taken a huge leap forward and provided greater marketing and new ideas for the Pittsburgh leather and fetish community.” remarked Emerson Aniceto, President and Managing Partner of PLP Holdings LLC. 

PLP Holdings LLC, Barons of Steel and Pittsburgh Kennel Club represent the

very best of the City of Champions and hopes the community will

embrace and enhance the leather-fetish experience. 

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