Emerson Aniceto

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019 - Mr. Pittsburgh leather Fetish 2019


    Born and raised in Brazil, Emerson Aniceto lives in Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania. Currently he holds the titles of  2019 Mr Mid-Atlantic Leather and 2019 Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish. He is also the President of Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC, Associate Producer of Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE Weekend, Charter Founder and Managing Partner of BOS - Barons of Steel ( a Private Mens Leather Social Club ), Member, Leather Archives & Museum, Member 3845 of B.L.U.F.

    His philanthropic focus is toward cancer, HIV and anti-bullying. He is the creator and artistic director for the wildly successful Stay Pink & Blue which aims to raise awareness and funding for folks living with and surviving cancer and his photographic endeavor which uses his lens and light to show that everyone is beautiful and worthy of love.

     Stay Pink & Blue assists with medication, special foods and a holistic natural approach to managing the challenges of cancer. The inspiration for Emerson’s

campaign came from his father, Benedicto, who passed from prostate cancer, but instilled the ideals of charity, volunteerism and service. His personal inspiration,however, comes from him being a three-time cancer survivor. 

    Emerson is an adherent to the African/Brazilian religion of Candomblé where he is a High Priest and holds the sacred title of “ The little son that enchants the Mother’s eyes” - the son of Yabas - Omode Kekere Oju Oya “ the child from Oya’s eyes.”

    His travels have taken him to international destinations such as Niger, Africa, Helsinki, Finland and Berlin, Germany. It was in Helsinki that he studied professional photography. But it was Berlin where he discovered and immersed himself in Leather and BDSM. He enjoys painting, collecting snow-globes, erotic art, photography interesting people and the The Three F’s : Flogging, Fisting, and Fucking, which he’s demonstrated at many international back rooms at leather bars.

    Emerson is excited to be a part of Pittsburgh Leather Pride Weekend 2020 and wishes everyone a memorable time.

Todd White

President of the Centaurs MC

     Todd White live in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

     Mr. Gay United States 2005 

     Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest Coordinator 

     Todd White is Mr. Gay United States 2005. This, teamed with his years of involvement with the Miss America Organization, makes him no stranger to contests.

     Todd has been a member of the Centaur MC for 12 years. Over that time, Todd has held many offices, including club president.

     For the past 10 years, he has served as the Mr. MAL Contest Coordinator, and, in 2015, he received the Pantheon Award for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Todd lives by the mantra that it is better to be part of something bigger than yourself, and his time with the Centaurs has exemplified this.


Mary Elizabeth Boyd

The First Laid of Leather


     Hails from the Washington DC area and lives in Arlington Virginia. Her home bar is the DC Eagle.

     She has been active in the leather community for many years.

     You can catch her judging a contest, mentoring a contestant or holding court while supporting a local or national leather event.

     Her judging assignments have stretched from Anchorage Alaska, Last Frontier Men’s Club (T.L.F.M.C.) to Palm Springs Leather, Mr. Leather Toronto (MLT), Olympus, International Mr. Leather (IML)2004, International Deaf Contest, Head Judge for American Brotherhood Weekend 2009 and many Regional and local contests.  

     She has been called “The First Lady of Leather”; this is not a contest title but a title given her in the spirit of honor. 

     She was honored by receiving the first MLT John Stephen Bassett Leather Pride Award in Toronto, Pantheon of Leather as “Woman of the Year 2004” and “Mid Atlantic Regional Award 2006”, The Leather Archives & Museum President’s Award 2007, CLAW Miller International Volunteer Award 2007 (gave the first out of town party for CLAW which was the beginning of CLAW Nation) and the Cornerstone of Leather “Leadership” award, Mr. Ohio Leather 2010 and the Jill Carter Unsung Hero Award. She was an Honorary Member of the DC Boys of Leather and has served on the Advisory Committee for CLAW.

Gérard Turner aka Renai ONYX

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2018

     Gerard Turner aka Renai ONYX, also known as “Mama’s Renaissance Man”, was born a native of NC, May 1977. He is a natural born survivor avidly placing himself into whatever he commits, believing his purpose in life is to close the stereotypical gap of judgement and welcome others to accept themselves as well as others unconditionally.

     In January 2012 Gerard was introduced to ONYX, pledging full brother 2015. He began exploring, building relationships, never wanting anyone around him to feel as he once saw himself; someone that stood in the shadows. He always takes a moment to address anyone that appears as he once did. He previously served as the Onyx Mid-Atlantic Secretary for 2016 and is the current committee chair for the Annual Code RED Fundraising Event.

     Over the more recent years Gerard has received awards for ONYX Mid-Atlantic Brother of the Year 2016, ONYX Lion Strength Award 2017, Leather Person of the Year 2017 at Maryland Leather Weekend from C.O.M.M.A.N.D.;


     He was also pinned as Mama’s Renaissance Man during Code RED in 2017 and in 2019 Gerard was completely humbled when honored as a Fraternal Brother of Centaurs MC.


     Philanthropy, his greatest passion; from helping teens Say NO to drugs as a Fourth-Grade student; working with peers in Junior High School with Project T.A.L.K. (Teens Against Losing Kids). Gerard has worked in raising over $70,000.00 to help youth fight cancer/leukemia; Annual toy drives with several organizations throughout the LGBTQ+community combined donating over $200,000.00  in toys and educational resources over several years;fundraisers supportingtaking the homeless off the streets for a night of pampering; also canned food drives and his Annual Holiday Party and Coat Drive. Gerard’s strongest passion comes by giving back and supporting the fight against HIV and Aids, with Code Red Fundraising Event, hosted by ONYX Mid-Atlantic. For the past 5 years now, the event has raised nearly 12K giving to Casa Ruby - 2015, Wanda Alston House – 2016, Joseph’s House DC -2017 and HIPS DC – 2018, and ManDate DC this March 2019 shattering the annual goal.

     Gerard competed during Mid-Atlantic Leather 2018 Weekend and won the honor of serving the community as Mr. MAL 2018, continuing his purpose bridging the community. His professional career focuses around working and building relationships with people and major events at the National Institute of Health. This man is multi-faceted, a repeating cancer survivor/warrior, a self-starter, and a man that creates a safe space by meeting you right where you are. Gerard Turner is only getting started and this is only a small scratch to the surface of his abilities as he continues to embrace all around him, both near and far.  

Destiny B. Childs

Empress 2 of the ICWDCMiss Zeigfields 2016, Miss Gaye Universe 2011, Miss Gay USA 2008,  Miss Gaye America DC 2008, Miss International Gay Rodeo 2007, Miss Freddie’s 2006-2007, Miss Zodiac 2005


    Destiny has the pleasure of traveling the United States performing all over not only just to perform, but she is able to showcase her talents to raise money for charities all over the country.  Destiny has been blessed to spend the majority of her time hosting various fundraisers and benefits to raise thousands and thousands of dollars.  Destiny has just hit her 10 years anniversary hosting the Capital Pride concert in our Nation’s Capital!  Destiny has also had the pleasure of performing at the historic Howard Theatre, Maryland LIVE Casino, the Hippodrome Theater

    Destiny has the pleasure of traveling the United States performing all over not only just to perform, but she is able to showcase her talents to raise money for charities all over the country.  Destiny has been blessed to spend the majority of her time hosting various fundraisers and benefits to raise thousands and thousands of dollars.  Destiny has just hit her 10 years anniversary hosting the Capital Pride concert in our Nation’s Capital!  Destiny has also had the pleasure of performing at the historic Howard Theatre, Maryland LIVE Casino, the Hippodrome Theater

in Baltimore, MD, and the Lincoln Theater. 


     Destiny has been striving to bring the community together and began building a bridge between the Drag community and the leather community.  Mistress Destiny, as her leather boys and pups call her, has been honored to run and host the Mr & Miss Leather Pride contest, hosting the annual Scarlett’s Bake Sale at the DC Eagle, and has been seen in highdrag many times at IML in Chicago as well as MAL right here in Washington DC. The Leather community holds a very special place in Destiny’s heart and she continues to bring her 2 worlds together as often as she can to show that we are all in this together.

     Destiny joined the Imperial Court of Washington DC in 2011 and was crowned Empress 2, the First Empress of our Nation’s Capital.   Destiny has been on the board of Directors for the Imperial Court of Washington DC for over 6 years.  She has served as the Fundraising Chair, Vice President and is the current President of Board. Destiny is also honored to be on the International Imperial Court Council as an Heir to Queen Mother 1 of the America’s, Nicole the Great.  Destiny works hard to ensure all members of the ICWDC feel welcomed, safe, and loved.

     Destiny is determined to continue the mission of the ICWDC with her Board of Directors as a single unit, a team that strives for greatness.  As Destiny works with her members, she is humbled to be a part of a strong and faithful group that loves to help build up each other and lift our community up in many ways. 

Jim De Long

Mr. Ohio Leather 2010

     Jim De Long - Sister Nadia Heddensmile.

     Abbess of the Rock n Roll City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

     Mr. Ohio Leather 2010

     Community activist Act Up Queer Nation 1983 and 2017 March on Washington, Past President and Vice, President of NAIL New Age in Leather. CLAW 1- 19 CLAW board 5 years Cleveland Pride board and organizing committee. 

     Began sisterhood 2010 elevated to Postulant November 2010 and Novice April 2011 Rock n Roll City Sisters became Fully professed house November 2013. 


     Abbess of the house since 2012.


Wilma Paes

Brazilian Producer - São Paulo - Brazil and Fort Lauderdale - Florida USA


     Born in Belém do Pará, Amazonia and raised in the cosmopolitan Sao Paulo, Brazil, and now living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Wilma Paes is this amazing producer, who cannot let her mind pause for a second. She is always having new ideas about what she can do next and turning them into cultural or corporate projects.

     Wilma is known on her area for her perfectionism and for what she gave back to her community organizing big events and in few of them having the local community participating working and bringing something extra to her ideas.

     This producer has her Master’s degree in Events Management and Production, degree in Social Communication with emphasis in Journalism, Technical Marketing and Advertising, Wilma operates in the production area with  more than 12 years, which she has already produced artistic productions for TV shows, movies, commercials, photographic editorial - to cultural and corporation events.

     Wilma is adept of the African / Brazilian religion Candomblé where she holds the title of Ekedi Ati Ode -  Ode’s mother - who take care when the African God is on the Aye with us.

     Her recent work as a producer has already been a success in São Paulo, the Movement SP 2016 urban dance festival held in Unibes Cultural Space and WOD - World Of Dance, international festival within Brazil where she participated elaborating the project, being the producer and taking care of all execution form the plans to the final light instead for the show.

     Wilma wear her leather well… as her second skin, her " ARMOR "as she says. She is always with a captivating and welcoming smile on her face and always anger to learn more about the leather community true the elders that she respect for all that they fight for for today she have her freedom.

Wilma is honored to be part of the Mr. & Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish and Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Bear 2020 and wish good lucky to all our contestants.

Nachum Golan

Interior Designer

     Nachum Golan, who resides with his husband Steve Hough in their penthouse in Shadyside.

     A fixture in Pittsburgh’s social scene, you can find him at all the most prestigious social gatherings in Pittsburgh, New York City and Internationally.

     Known locally amongst Pittsburghs Best Dressed, Nachum is a man of letters and bon vivant.


     Both Nachum and his husband Steve are huge benefactors to several major art and social organizations in the Pittsburgh area. 

     Nachum is honored to be part of the Pittsburgh Leather Pride Weekend and wish good lucky to all our contestants.




2011 Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather - Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish

D IML 1st Runner Up Pic.JPG

     Native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – D received his BS degree in Business Management and MBA in International Business from Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey. He travels as an international businessman and has lived in places such as New York, New Jersey, Ireland and India. 

     He marked the beginning of his Leather Journey in 2004, with the purchase of leather jock strap from The Leather Man NYC. What’s interesting, the jock wasn’t for him, but the feelings of excitement, adventure, and mystery that came over him from the purchase of the leather jock, would change his life forever. D followed his curiosity and searched for answers to explain or help justified why he was felt this way towards leather. As if it wasn’t difficult being gay, and now having kinky thoughts and feelings; he thought something must be really wrong with him. 

     That frustrated feeling lasted until April 2007 when he attended his first true leather event, Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There he received the answers to his questions through seminars and much more.


     D believes that there are many people, especially Africa Americans that suppress their feelings or desires when it comes to leather or fetishes. Often there is no one you can trust to share your feelings or fantasy with, so you pursue your journey in the dark without guidance.  D offers himself, as a mentor, to become that light, in their darkness.  

     He strongly supports the message, as long as you believe—you can achieve—for all things are possible through strength, determination and passion. D is a full member of Three Rivers Leather Club.  He is a former Mr. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2011, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011, and was the First Runner Up for Mr. International Leather 2011.  

     Demonstrating a holistic approach to volunteerism, D has worked with the United Way, Christmas Toy Drive, Shepard Wellness, Boys & Girls Club of America, Three Rivers Youth, Gay Men Heath Crises (GMHC), and the Leather & Archives Museum; lending a helping hand to all communities—black or white, straight or gay, lesbian or transgender, young or old, kinky or vanilla – for we are all in this together!

     D is not an abbreviation for Douglas, it stands for three signature words that he lives by: Always Daring, Never Stop Dreaming & Always Deliver on your promise! For these are true characteristic of Leatherman and the cornerstones of our community.


William Raven Holman

1st runner up Mr. Maryland Leather 2019

     A loner from an early age, Raven found comfort and normality in the world of video gaming, from that passion an appreciation for music, language, art, and self-expression blossomed.


     As a member of both the Gaming Community and the Leather Community, Raven has learned how to stay true to himself and represent the best of both.


     Raven currently holds the title of 1st runner up Mr. Maryland Leather 2019, David Allen Brotherhood Award MML 2019 recipient, As well as MAL 2019 4th place runner up among the list of his biggest accomplishments.


     He also has a background in Go-Go dancing at the Baltimore Eagle, DC Eagle, and has participated in Baltimore Pride Parades as well as organized the Leather Contingent for his hometown of Annapolis Maryland’s first annual Pride Parade.


Steve Tingle

A former model from Pulse International Jamaica.

Steve Tingle - Born and raised in Jamaica.


A former model from Pulse International Jamaica.


No stranger to the runways of Jamaica/St. Martin and New York.


Affiliated with the leather community for 8 years and and worked quietly  behind the scenes.




2012 Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather - Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish


     Matthew is known as Matthew MAL to his Facebook friends, but in real life is name is Matthew Bronson.


     His past titles include Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2012 and then Mr. MAL 2012.


     He has participated in various fundraiser events throughout the years.  His passion in life is education.  During the day he has been teaching children who have autism for 24 years.


     He is proud that he has changed individual lives for the better.  During his free time he like to educate individuals about the leather and kink community.

     He understands for new people, who would like to know more about leather and kink, it can be quite overwhelming at times.


     He would like to continue to be a resource and support person for those who seeking guidance and direction in this wonderful world we live in together.  


Kierra Darshell

Pittsburgh’s First Lady of Drag – Kierra Darshell 1989 to Present:


• Founder and Producer of Tri-State Pageantry Productions Annual Miss Tri-State All-Star

• Pageant celebrating 25thAnniversary in 2017 at CLO Cabaret Theatre
• Graced the cover of Pittsburgh Gay Pride Magazine
• Modeled in a fashion show at Heinz Hall benefiting AIDS Research

• Produced Drag entertainment for Metropol's night club – Thursday’s Alternative • NightMistress of Ceremonies at the Upper Ohio Valley AIDS Task Force Benefit Show

• Modeled in a hair show for Uptown Hair Design
• Performance at Treat '96 Rio On The Rivers at the William Penn Hotel

• Performance at Tommy Cousins' Cabaret Extraordinaire Benefit show at Rosebud with local greats Sandy Dowe and Etta Cox
• The first Female Impersonator to perform at the Annual Real Hot AIDS Benefit Show in Philadelphia, PA; with designer Ralph Lauren and supermodel Roshamba

• Performance with the Physical Theatre Project - World AIDS Day’s presentation of Wake Up III, at the RegentTheatre in East Liberty

• Performance at the Pittsburgh’s cast party for LaCage Aux Follies Broadway show impersonating Diana RossPerformance at the 16th Annual TRANSPITT Ball “Be All”

• Cast in the local movie production of “Out Loud”

• Guest Hostess annual fund-raiser for the Pittsburgh Film Association’s Academy Awards Gala at Loews Theater, Homestead, PA

• Part of VH1’s special “Boys will be Girls” production
• Guest speaker at the Conference on the Tran-Gendered Day of Remembrance

• Joined the GLSEN Pittsburgh Chapter Board
• Performance at the annual Ellsworth Street Fair “Divas of Drag”
• Performer at Outrageous Bingo benefiting Shepherd Wellness Community and Gay & Lesbian Community Center Producer of the Pennsylvania State University – Gay Pride Show (2004 - 2011)
• Performance at Hungarian Reformed Church benefit show
• Performance for National Rental Car Christmas Party
• Opening Act for the Performance Center for the Arts with Motown Legends Martha Reeves and the VandellasPerformance for Dance

•  Alloy Theater – 30th Anniversary Celebration
• Modeled for Spector Studios print catalog

• Performance at CLO - Late Night Cabaret - "DragTime" with Mama Spell
• Producer of The Annual SouthSide Works "Exposed" Street Fair - Drag Show
• Guest hostess for Veritas & AtoZ Communications "Hairspray" event at The SouthSide Works Cinema Performance @ Andy Warhol Museum for The Carryin' On Exhibition closing celebration
• Performance for L'Oreal Cosmetics launch party "Beyonce's Armani Diamonds Perfume" @ Marriott Airport Hotel Panel Speaker for University of Pittsburgh Graduate School on Transgender Issues
• Panel Speaker for Chatham College Republicans on "Queer Youth of Color"
• Mistress of Ceremonies 24th Anniversary Lambda Ball @ The Priory Hotel by Pittsburgh's Lambda FoundationPerformance at Shadyside Saloon benefit children with Autism
• Producer of the Sex In The City & Sex In The City 2 Movies (girls night out) drag performance at SouthSide Works Spotlighted in "Royalty in the Making?" article by Jessica Levine in Pittsburgh's Gay Pride magazine
• Producer of the PUMP Stay & Play Fridays Drag Show in Market Square downtown Pittsburgh
• Performance impersonating Diana Ross at Grey Box Theater Pittsburgh.
• Guest performer at PERSAD Annual Spell Event benefiting Persad Center
• Guest performer for Salon Christine Art Gallery during The Gallery Crawl in the Culture District
• Coordinator for The Mattress Factory ALL ACCESS: The 2009 Urban Garden Party - DRAG Performance with the legendary Rich & Cindy Engler as event Co-Chairs
• Guest performer at Heinz Field (stadium) for Cancer research w/Master of Ceremonies George Matta, Rivers Casino - Pittsburgh, PA
• Performance at M2010 Microbicides: Building Bridges in HIV Prevention at David L. Lawrence Convention Center
• Special guest performance at The Rex Theater Pittsburgh (Southside) with Pretty Things Peepshow "The Best in Burlesque & Sideshow"
• Performer at Delta Foundation Pittsburgh Pride in the Street for the Legendary Patti LaBelle
• Meet & Greet for VIPs at The Mattress Factory From Hollywood to Paradise : The 2011 Urban Garden Party - event Co-Chairs Michael White and Rick LeBeau
• Special guest performer at 10th Year Anniversary Party The Pittsburgh Glass Center (Hot & Sticky Event)
• First queen to perform at Bucknell University - welcome back to school/Gay Pride celebration in Lewisburg, PA

• Opening act for Broadway's Star - Christine Ebersole at the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force 26th Annual Benefit Gala (O'Reilly Theater)

• Meet & Greet for VIPs at The Mattress Factory Alice at the Factory: The 2012 Urban Garden Party

• Special guest performer for the Bayard Rustin Centennial Festival and UNmasked conference at the August Wilson Center

• Entertainment coordinator at The Mattress Factory Soul Factory Motown at the Museum: The 2013 Urban Garden Party

• Grace the cover of Equal Magazine August 2013 issue channeling - Diana Ross

• Mistress of Ceremonies "One More Time: Old School Ball” Celebrating 50+ years of Black Queer Performance in Pittsburgh - creator Harrison Apple

• Mistress of Ceremonies "20th Anniversary Andy Warhol Gala 2014"co-chair Ann McGuinn entertainment
by Gloria Gaynor
• Produced/Performed after-party for comedian Erin Foley show kicking-off Pittsburgh Gay Pride
• Entertainment coordinator at The Mattress Factory Wild West: The 2014 Urban Garden Party
• Coordinated the drag entertainment and performed at Scott & Billy Meoni-Ridenour "Gay" Wedding at Carnegie Museum of • Natural History (featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette November 2014)

• Guest appearance at New Voices Pittsburgh 10th Year Anniversary celebration at Andy Warhol Museum ( featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette December 2014)
• Produced/Hosted "A Night of Song" featuring from NYC singer Jason Walker for Late Night Cabaret at the 
Cabaret Theater
• Entertainment coordinator at The Mattress Factory Theme M: 2015 Urban Garden Party
• Producer/Coordinator: Kierra Darshell's Kinky Boots After-Party at Cabaret Theater: with guest appearance by Tony & Grammy award winner Billy Porter
• Producer/Coordinator: Kierra Darshell's Sunday Drag Brunch at Improv Comedy Club
• Drag coordinator for The Frick Art Museum "Killer Heels" the art of the high-heeled shoe - opening gala (featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
• Drag consultant for Point Park University "Wig Out!" directed by Tome' Cousin


• Performer/Drag Coordinator: “A Party for Barbara” Luderowski at the Mattress Factory honoring the late founder life

• Performed/Drag Coordinator for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf re-election fundraiser with the Governor in attendance
• Performed/Drag Coordinator for The Westmoreland Museum of American Art “Big Art Party” annual fundraiser

• First drag queen featured in The Icons of Pittsburgh annual magazine showcasing Pittsburgh’s Icons.

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